Cloud Particles

A brief roundup of the latest cloud news from the tech industry.

Worldwide IaaS Public Cloud Services Market Grew 31% in 2016

Gartner has revealed that the worldwide IaaS public cloud market totalled $22.1 billion in 2016, up from $16.8 billion in 20151. Amazon was the No. 1 vendor in the IaaS market in 2016, followed by Microsoft and Alibaba.

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Microsoft’s CSP Program Leading the Way for the IT Channel

Industry cloud programs like Microsoft’s CSP have rapidly gained in popularity over the last few years. For channel partners, this means potential
further opportunities.

Cloud has swept the IT industry to the point of ubiquity. And the cloud growth statistics once so startling in their scope and growth rates, have lost their shock and awe factor as the technology has become increasingly everyday in its scope and function.

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