A Platform Fix for the Flawed Channel Data Management Problem

A recent article on TechTarget’s Search IT Channel highlighted the fact that vendors might be overpaying their reseller and distributor partners because they can’t capture solid sales data.

According to the article, channel management software provider Zyme claimed that lack of accurate sales data meant several vendors were overpaying their channel partners by as much as 30%, particularly in rebate programs, price-protection programs, and deal registration or special price authorization programs. And according to Zyme, the problem falls on manufacturers that haven’t invested in a channel data management system.

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Gartner’s Trending Topics

Gartner is one of the world’s most respected technology research companies, and is at the forefront of predictions and trends happening across the global business environment.

So it’s interesting to note that on their homepage they have a list of ‘Trending Topics’; with Gartner being at the forefront of tech research, it’s natural to assume that these are some of the hottest topics in the business and technology industry at the moment.

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