Digital Transformation: Laying the Foundation for a Bright Future

“Entrenching a digital innovation mindset in your company means you won’t merely survive all the changes happening around you, but instead lay the foundation for a bright future.”

So writes Amazon CTO Werner Vogels, in his article titled “A survival strategy for the digital transformation”, published on LinkedIn in January 2017. In it he makes an argument for the fact that the digital era is now firmly here – and that smaller companies have a lot to gain, whilst companies which used to be dominant but don’t adapt accordingly, end up in a struggle to survive.

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How ChannelCenter Uses AWS Cloud Technology

As many people within the technology scene will know, where a data center is hosted impacts upon the speed of the website for users from different locations of the globe. Since data transfers are constrained by the laws of physics, the distance that the data must travel is important when calculating data transfer speeds. puts it clearly: “While advances in networking technology have allowed data centers to use more efficient high-traffic routers and fiber optic cables, the reality is that data packets are still constrained by the speed of light (or worse, the speed of electricity for those that use copper cables), making distance a significant factor for ultimately determining data transfer speeds.”

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